Tutela Networks are an aggregator of connectivity and communications products
and services distributed via a global network of ISA’s and resellers.


Tutela Networks are an aggregator of connectivity and communications products
and services distributed via a global network of ISA’s and resellers.

We help the businesses we work with make the most of their technology. We do this through improved connectivity, asset monetisation strategies, sustainable finance plans and the adoption of innovative software solutions to deliver a greater return on your technology investments.



Frustrated with poor unreliable broadband. We have the best solution for your home or business!

The Tutela 4G Broadband Solution is the preferred choice for many as it delivers a reliable service that replaces the need for fixed-line broadband altogether.

Thanks to its advanced LTE chip design and high gain antenna, the Tutela 4G Broadband Kit can capably provide connectivity for a home or business, where mobile phones and 4G dongles fail.

The external device features a CAT6 LTE modem, allowing much higher speeds utilising mobile carrier aggregation. Carrier aggregation means the device can use multiple mobile bands at the same time. This also provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside.

The device can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink.

With the availability of 5G growing also our range is expanding to include this new technology also with new product releases iminent.


Is your business looking for gigabit capability? Become part of a Faster Britain

The business world is evolving and technology is at the heart of this evolution

The driving force is gigabit capable, full fibre connectivity. Whether it’s connecting to servers, accessing cloud-based apps or running IP-based services, superior connectivity is a common denominator amongst successful businesses, no matter their size.

​Get the exact network solution you need with our bespoke solutions, no matter what sector you work in. We work with numerous sectors such as Public Sector including local authorities, Multi Dwelling Units (Mdus) Including Residential Properties, Managed Offices And Social Housing, Developers, Business Parks and communities who all require gigabit capable connectivity. They all have one thing in common; the need for reliable high-speed internet connections or data networks. You need an innovative network operator and service provider.​

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When installing Wireless networks, it is essential to understand that not all client devices are created equal. Laptops, tablets and Mobile phones connect and engage with a wireless network in different ways. As such without the appropriate level of planning, things can go wrong.

One major area to consider is that of the Wireless placements themselves. Ensuring full site coverage has always been a paramount exercise however, the landscape has now changed to incorporate density issues. The average person now carries a minimum of 2 wireless devices on a regular basis. What this means is that a network needs to cope with double the capacity and demand for the wireless users.

With this potentially growing to 3 devices per person this is also a key factor to consider.

By using our chosen technology, we are able to alleviate a number of these issues. With no single point of failure, multiple radio design and upgradeability to the latest wireless ratifications (802.11ac), performance is no longer a major concern.

By performing LIVE site surveys followed up with a wireless coverage guarantee this also relieves our clients of any concerns regarding poor wireless performance.


We work with all of the major UK networks to offer an extensive range of pay monthly and sim only only packages suitable for organisations of all sizes from single users to 100+ connections. Our hardware offering includes something for everyone.

Our Mobile Airtime solutions offer your customers a broad range of voice, data and digital tariffs across the three major UK networks as well as our own unique “Jump” multi network sims.

We hold relationships with the most popular hardware manufacturers to ensure our customer can choose from a great range of SIM Free and network variant devices.

We also offer repairs and buyback services, giving businesses who choose us as their partner peace of mind over any hardware incidents.

  • Access to 200,000 product lines with 200 tech partners
  • The widest range of popular and specialist mobile handsets
  • Dedicated ranges in stock to meet customers’ every need
  • Extensive 24/7 warranty swap out service

All of this coupled with our 24x7x365 JobTrac+ Lone worker protection and tracking service sets us apart from all other providers and makes Tutela the standout choice.


Join our quick growing sales partner network and get immediate access to all of our fantastic products and services as well as those of carefully selected third part suppliers. All account management, training and ongoing support under one roof.